We’re Corinne and Dean, founders and co-owners of Tommies Workwear. 

Our Story.

Our adventure began in 2018 with dreams of a more secure future and the freedom to spend as much quality time as possible with our three boys. Starting out from the kitchen table (isn’t that where all the best companies start?) and a limited budget we have worked tirelessly, including many a late night, to develop into a business which brings you a host of well-known brands and the very best customer service experience in the industry.

A little about Corinne.

I was born and raised in the fair city of Dublin, Ireland. After leaving school I completed a degree in Manufacturing Engineering and Business Studies at DCU. As part of my degree, I did a work placement in Chesterfield which is where I met Dean. I work part-time in the business looking after the books and mainly keeping Dean out of mischief 😊.

A little about Dean.

I served in the British army as a Sapper in the Corps of Royal Engineers (This is where we get our company name. A “Tommie” is a nickname for a British soldier). After five amazing years in the services, which saw me take in two tours of Iraq I was ready for a fresh challenge.

Leaving for pastures new I spent the next ten years working on the building sites of Northern England as a passive fire protection supervisor. Here I developed a passion/obsession for finding the perfect work trousers and the lightest safety gloves known to man! Email me if you want the results 😊. I now run the day to day operations here at Tommies Workwear.

The Mission.

We’re here for the grafters, work horses and the midnight candle burners. Whether you work on a building site, in a workshop, a hot restaurant kitchen or a bustling city office we want to help you find the best clothing and the right gear which helps you look great and perform at your peak performance.



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