Winter Hats

Now that the cold weather is well and truly upon us, its time to break out the winter hat. But different situations call for different headwear choices. So, whether you’re working on a construction site or you’re a commuter, here’s the lowdown on what to look for and how you can UP your cold-weather suede protection game.

Winter hat styles

Winter Hat Styles

Beanie Hats

Without doubt the most popular winter hat out there. Casual, comfortable, and versatile, beanies are as common in the workplace as they are on the ski slopes.

Styles include the slouch, the fisherman, the skull cap and the bobble pom pom.

They come in a selection of weights, ranging from super thermal down to lightweight cotton jersey.

Beanies make great stocking filler gifts and they are perfect protection amid a good old snowball fight!

Beechfield have a fine collection of styles in a tonne of colours to match all palates.

Winter Beanie Hat

Trapper Hats

Also known as Cossack hats, Ushankas or Russian hats. These are the "Daddy" when weather conditions take a turn for the worse.

Characterized by large ear flaps which can be tucked away or left hanging free. They are generally lined with a thick fleecy fur keeping your noggin feeling good.

Ideal for outdoor grafters such as brickie’s, landscapers and refuse workers. They also add a real twist of personality to your everyday outfit.

Trapper Hats

Flat Caps

The flat cap has seen a massive resurgence in recent times. This has mainly been down to the hit British TV series, Peaky Blinders.

Stylish, traditional and practical, these are a go-to for the fashion conscious. Known by a bunch of names including the baker boy, Ivy cap or The Gatsby they look great on both Men and Women.

Flat Caps

Mountain Man Cap

Manly caps which are proving ever more popular year on year. First made famous by the Mountain Men of North America, they have now garnered a widespread appeal amongst the working men and women right here in the UK.

Thermal insulation, relaxed fit and cosy ear flaps come together to make what could well be the perfect work hat bar none!

Mountain Man thermal caps