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We are delighted to introduce a new brand to our repertoire. You can expect high quality, ethically produced, eco-conscious, stylish and affordable products from the guys over at Westford Mill. This is a company I really want to shout about.

They have worked hard to drive change within the industry - working to ensure fair trade, sustainable development, greener farming, reducing carbon emissions and improving workers' rights. It is easy to see why we are so excited to be working with Westford Mill, their values are so important to us and I do hope they are important to our customers too.

What’s New for 2020?

W150 String Shopper Bag

One product that really caught my eye was the W150 Organic Cotton Mesh Grocery Bag. Not only is it stylish, affordable and practical, it is GOTS certified which means that there is a minimum of 95% certified organic fibres used in the manufacture of this product. We are stocking all colour options so if you can’t choose, go for a variety 😉

There have been two products added to the Nautical collection – the W686 Gym sac and the W688 Barrel Bag. These come in the same colour combinations as the existing range and fit in perfectly. My personal favourite from this range is the W680 Beach Bag, it’s ideal big for family days out.

Nautical Striped Beach Bags

Fairtrade Products

Westford Mill have 8 certified Fairtrade Cotton products. The cotton producers in developing countries have supplied the cotton, and it was bought at a price that allows cotton farmers in developing countries to sustainably invest in both their businesses and communities.

When looking for a product the deciding factor is often price alone, but as we become more aware of the impact of “throwaway fashion” people are tending to move away from “is this the cheapest” to “has this been produced sustainbaly”. Fairtrade certification is a big step in the right direction.

We have selected two “hero” products from this collection, the W460 Mini and W462 Midi Messenger bags. We are confident that these will be popular with everyone, from students to business people.

Westford Mill Tote SHopper Bags

Round Up

The quality and range are very impressive. Westford mill have introduced a collection that’s brimming with variety in colours, sizes and materials.

You can find out more about Westford Mill here.