Get Ready For Storm Season with Beechfield

With the arrival of storm season, how are you planning to wrap up and keep warm? We have the perfect range of wind proof, rain proof and warm products from the guys over at Beechfield.

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Beanie Hats to Keep Your Head Warm

A big hit with our customers has been the B411 Fair Isle Faux Fur Pom Pom Beanie and B456 Fair Isle Snowstar Beanie. These stylish and versatile hats will keep you looking good, super warm and won’t put a dent in your finances.

Beechfield Bobble Hat   Ladies Pom Pom Beanie

If you’re not a fan of the pom pom, we have a whole host of other options. Fisherman styles, slouch styles, peaked and active beanies. The B418 Plush Beanie comes in a range of soft tone colours and will definitely help protect you from those cold, gusty gales. For a more rustic look go for the B427 Rustic Fleck Beanie. A lovely fisherman’s style beanie in a knit rib all over with multi-colour fleck detailing.

Those that love to keep active, the determined amongst us that won’t let the long, cold, dark nights stop them, we have a range of sports hats available to keep you warm while braving the great outdoors. Most notably, the B315 Softshell Sports Tech Beanie which is designed with the intention of keeping warm

If you’d rather a fleece hat it is worth considering the B243 Suprafleece Ski Hat or the B244 Suprafleece Summit Hat. These will keep you warm without adding any extra weight.

I thought ear muffs were a thing of the past but they have been really popular this year, with plenty been shipped out to our customers over the last few months. The B242 Suprafleece Ear Muffs come in charcoal and black and the band is placed around the back of your head rather on top of your head, so they won’t mess your hair or get greasy with any hair products.

Another unusual product that doesn’t always spring to mind but will make a huge difference is a balaclava. This might not be for everyone but for those cyclists, bikers, skiers, and those who work outdoors it will help protect from the elements. The B230 Microfleece Balaclava won’t weigh you down but will absolutely keep you warm.

Winter ear muffs   Black Balaclava

Beechfield Winter Gloves

Our most popular pair of gloves so far have been the Beechfield B493 Fliptop Gloves. Stylish and practical, they go from fingerless to mittens with the undoing of a button and a simple fold over the top of your fingers.

If you want fully fingerless gloves without the flip top feature, try the B491 Fingerless gloves. These come in black and charcoal in either men's or women's size. They are great for those who want to keep warm while still having full function of your fingers – especially those working in warehouses, factories and outdoors.

Flip over gloves   Mustard Woolly Gloves

For those who prefer full finger gloves but still need to be able to use touch screen devices, we have the B490 TouchScreen Smart Gloves which will be perfect for you. The thumb, index and middle fingers are all conductive and will be picked up by touch screen devices.

For the fashion conscious I feel it is necessary to point out the B497 Cable Knit Melange Gloves. My favourite are the mustard ones just because I like the colour, mustard seems to be more and more popular in the clothing industry and Beechfield are fully on board with this trend.

Don’t Forget Your Scarf!

Scarves are often forgotten, I always forget mine, but they make such a difference to how warm you will be. At Tommies Workwear, we have a wide range of scarves for you to choose from.

The B499 Cable Knit Melange Scarf matches the B497 gloves I mentioned earlier. This chunky knit design has a timeless classic look and will keep you safe and snug while looking stylish. It comes in a variety of colours so everyone will be able to find a scarf that fits their look.

Another eye-catcher is the effortlessly chic B500 Classic Woven Scarf. It feels luxurious and soft to touch and the over sized style provides an ultimate wrap around for those bitterly cold days.

If you’d rather a fleece scarf to keep you warm without weighing you down, look for the B291 Suprafleece Dolomite Scarf. And if you want a full winter set, it matches the B296 Suprafleece Alpine Gloves and the B244 Suprafleece Summit Hat.

Fleece Scarves   Beechfield Chunky Scarf

Wrapping up the Little Ones With Beechfield Juniors

Being a parent, I know how hard it is to keep the kids warm during the winter months. I used the B486B Corkscrew Pom Pom Beanies for the boys and they love them, the quality is great and keeps them warm as well as looking cute, there’s nothing better than babies and toddlers wrapped up like starfish!

We offer the same hats in infant and adult sizes so, if you’re like me and like to have the family matching, this is the place to buy your family beanies!

We all know that kids and toddlers wearing scarves can be hard work. We like to use snoods instead and the B900B is perfect for the little ones. It is also very versatile, you can use it as a hat, neck warmer, wrist band or hair band. It comes in a range of colours and again, has a matching adult option 😊

Kids Snood   Kids Beechfield Beanie

So there you have it, accessories for the stormy season from one of our fave brands, Beechfield.